It is the must have toy for Christmas. Hatchimals have taken over and they are the desire of many children this year. Getting your hands on one of these toys is nearly impossible.

If you are driving around town from store to store hoping to find a Hatchimals or endlessly searching the internet for one, your search ends here. We have a Hatchimals toy that we would love to give to you! There is just one condition (don't worry it's a good one), you have to be the highest bidder in our Hatchimals Auction.  The auction starts Wednesday at noon and ends Friday at noon. You have 48 hours to get in your bids! We will update our Facebook page multiple times with the highest bid amount, so you will know what you need to top for a chance to win.

The best part is the highest bidder will win a Hatchimal while making sure that several other kids in Shreveport-Bossier have Christmas. All of the money received from the highest bid will go directly to Operation Santa Claus.

If we receive multiple entries with the same highest bid amount, the winner will be chosen through a drawing. The bid amount must be paid in full by cash or money order within three business days after the auction ends or the prize is forfeited.