If you're heading to Starkville Mississippi this weekend to watch LSU take on Mississippi State in football you better bring your ear plugs. Sure Tiger Stadium can get loud but Davis-Wade Stadium, home of the Bulldogs can get louder. You see Bulldog fans use P.E.D.'s for more crowd noise. The "performance enhancing devices" I speak of is the world renowned and universally reviled cowbell. Despite their annoying clang, there are at least five other things that are more annoying than those darn bells.



  • Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
    Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

    Nancy Grace

    She's little, she's loud, she's usually right, and she's almost always beyond annoying in her presentation on television. I have sat for hours listening to cowbells, I can't take more than five minutes of Nancy Grace.

  • kylergillespie via YouTube
    kylergillespie via YouTube

    Ice Cream Truck Music

    In order to get a license to sell ice cream out of a truck, the vendor must have to prove he or she has a sound system that would make a garbage truck cry. The choice of tunes like The Entertainer, Turkey in the Straw, Music Box Dancer, and JIngle Bells, yes even in the summer, only add to the cacophony of audible intrusion.

  • Joey Higgs via YouTube
    Joey Higgs via YouTube

    The Recorder

    This flute like instrument of Satan was standard issue in elementary school music classes. It's a combination of the sound of an angry tea kettle and a partially blocked nostril. Since no one ever plays the Recorder long enough to get good at playing the Recorder the songs are always one step below dying smoke alarm and brake squeal.

  • jacob smith via YouTube
    jacob smith via YouTube

    Dogs Licking Themselves

    Granted this sound is not a loud sound. Unless you're trying to get to sleep and the only sound in the room is that of a voracious tongue being constantly passed over God only knows what part of the animal. It's a hard thing to watch and an even hard thing to listen to in the darkness.

  • WGNO TV/New Orleans
    WGNO TV/New Orleans

    The Raising Canes Drive Thru Greeting

    I like Raising Canes. They have good food. Their employees are very helpful, friendly, and nice. The "Hey, What's kickin' how about some chicken" greeting at the drive thru has worn thin on me. If we're being honest you only sell chicken so by my being in your drive thru line one could safely deduce I was in the market to purchase chicken.   When I get that greeting I usually answer "No, I just need someone to talk to besides the voices in my head".  It's amazing how quickly the conversation turns.

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