We're generally known as pretty laid back (read: drunk) but folks from Louisiana are capable of getting ticked off when you insult our history, heritage or culture.

Tourism is pretty big in our state and as a result, we have a lot of visitors. Normally, we're amiable hosts... unless you cross the line. So what are the 5 sure fire ways to piss off someone in Louisiana? Read and learn my friend, read and learn... and hopefully you'll live.

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    Mardi Gras

    Nothing will piss off a Louisiana resident more than someone who acts all self important like they know all about Mardi Gras because they saw some other Yanks breasts on Bourbon Street that one time at band camp. I hate to break it to you, Mardi Gras is about way more than beads and boobs. However, we enjoy those, too!

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    LSU Football/Tailgating

    For most in Louisiana, there's nothing better than Saturday night in Death Valley, unless you follow it up with a Sunday in the Superdome! We're serious about our LSU Tiger football and we're also serious about our tailgating parties. You won't find better food, drink or hospitality at any other school in the country... Don't... Just zip it! Unless you've experienced it, you just don't know. There's a reason why ESPN loves to bring GameDay to Baton Rouge and it's not the cheap flights! #LivePurple #LoveGold

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    Our Food

    In Louisiana, we take great pride in our food. We're definitely not meat and potatoes country here! We like to kick everything up and notch and we're not afraid of frying anything. That's probably we're the fattest state in the union, but we're enjoying ourselves. Are you?

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    Reality TV

    Sure, there are a lot of reality TV shows that have been based in Louisiana, like Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, My Big Redneck Vacation, Bayou Billionaires, Cajun Pawn Stars and more... But that doesn't mean we're all uneducated, rednecks with the equivalent of a third grade education... and we certainly don't all troll the swamps in our pirogue hunting 'gator. However, many of us are a pretty good shot so I'd watch your mouth!

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    Our Accent

    Just because we talk slow or lazily run our words together at times doesn't mean we're dumb. Far from it! Who else knows how to craft and turn a unique phrase better than a bonafide Cajun? Not many, I 'guarantee!'