We have all been there, trying to fake out our parents so we don't have to go to school. I have a friend who used to make himself throw up on command and earned several "sick" days because of his unusual skill. I was never smart enough to fake an illness quite like this 6-year-old from the UK. According to Daily Mail Lily Schooley didn't want to take her spelling test, and Lily knew her friends missed school due to the chicken pox so she borrowed a red marker from her mother and came back a few minutes later with a "rash". Unfortunately, the bright 6-year-old was stained with little red spots for four days. Did the trick fool her parents? No, in fact, her parents tried to not bust out laughing. Lily's mother tried just about everything to get the spots off of her daughter, the little trickster had to convince everyone at school that she was not contagious. Hopefully, she learned her lesson, although we imagine she will come up with some better tactics next time.

What has your kid done to try and skip school? Share your stories with us!

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