Every year without fail my family will make an epic Thanksgiving feast.

It's one of those large gatherings where you're lucky if you find a seat at the main table and because my sister is such a fantastic cook, everyone in her social circle is hoping to get an invite to her Thanksgiving dinner.

My sister cooks it all, and she makes every single thing from scratch. The green bean casserole and the stuffing are the crowd favorites. I am convinced that this beautiful sister of mine is cooking with so much heart and soul and she feels like she is about to present her plate for a panel of judges. If there was some kind of Thanksgiving dinner Food Network Show my sister Coco would take the gold. I say all this to let you know that although we may be 30 people deep at the dinner table there will always be so many leftovers.

My sister's fridge has all kinds of random Thanksgiving foods and to be honest it's all taking up way too much space for my liking. It's no secret that the day after Thanksgiving is the best, not because of Black Friday, but the leftovers of Thanksgiving and the many options we have when it comes to meals we can make.

I realized we all have our favorite recipes and concoctions that you swear by check out some of my favorites below:

Turkey Cranberry Panin
Turkey Enchiladas
Loaded Mashed Potatoes
Turkey and Stuffing Quesadillas
Turkey Pot Pie
Lil' Thanksgivings

Tell us all about the best Thanksgiving Leftover Meal in the comments below. After all these recipes are what inspire those odd burgers and sandwiches at some of our favorite restaurants right?

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