The 80s were fantastic for a lot of reasons.. Not only did we get some AMAZING music, we also got some great music videos. These early music videos blended high octane rock and roll with the hottest chicks on the planet to create the perfect fantasy world. One of the early pioneers of hot girls and rock, hands down, has to be Kiss.

Kiss loved the ladies. The ladies loved Kiss. Every girl wanted to be with the band, every dude wanted to be Paul or Gene's wingman. The epitome of 80s rock success and luxury.

No music videos show this off than the video for "Who Wants to Be Lonely". During Kiss' unpainted years, they didn't rely on their characters they played on stage, the band really exposed their personal sides. Which means excessive clothing and lots and lots of ladies. And, in this case, those beautiful ladies are wearing leather that leaves little to the imagination and are constantly wet.

If you were a teenager in 1985, you were hoping and praying this thing was in MTV's rotation. And, not just the boys...there's plenty of shirtless Paul for the ladies.

Speaking of Kiss, they'll be at the Centurylink this Saturday! (September 7th). If you want to go, you can buy tickets here.

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