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Earlier this week, I caught wind of Walmart's "Open Call" program.  The world's biggest retailer is actively seeking out products made in the USA for their stores, and they are throwing down more than $300 billion dollars to make it happen.

Louisiana is no slouch in the entrepreneur department.  There are so many folks in this state with million-dollar ideas and fantastic products, and this is the golden opportunity to get those awesome, Bayou State items on the shelf!  It's not even a longshot!

It occurred to me that we already have a healthy amount of representation on the shelves of Wally-world!  Just strolling through the store I get lost in way too much will reveal tons of great, Louisiana-made stuff you could be enjoying right now!

So, before you go and "make the groceries," make sure to add these awesome things to your shopping cart and laissez les bon temps rouler!

9 Louisiana Products You Can Find in Walmart

We all know that buying products made in the USA is awesome, but isn't it even better when you can buy something that's right here in our own state? Not only are these items awesome, when you buy them - you're proudly supporting Louisiana businesses!

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