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At 9 years old, Tate Fegley is poised to become a national champion.  This 3rd grader from Minden, Louisiana has already broken 7 American records in weightlifting.  That's right, this kid is one of the strongest in the nation.  

Tate has only been training for a year and a half, but does so religiously.  Every morning he hits the weights at 7am sharp with his personal trainer, Peyton Gray.  Gray told KTBS that Tate's success is due, 100% to his unstoppable work ethic.

Those broken records that I mentioned earlier include a 92-pound bench press, 190-pound squat and a 230-pound dead lift.  The burgeoning strong man did it all in one day.  Tate is now training for the national championship meet held in Daytona Beach, Florida this August.

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