Meet Brenda Hines, a hard workin' hottie from Texarkana, Texas. Brenda is a front end supervisor at Big Lots.

Our Hard Workin' Hottie Benda enjoys spending time with her kids and grand kids if you can believe that!  Brenda also enjoys dancing , bike rallies, riding on back of motorcycles (I see we have something in common), and much more.

Some of her favorite 99X bands include Theory of a Deadman, Kid Rock , Thirty Seconds to Mars, and 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, & Godsmack.

Brenda will be looking for your vote to be the Hottest Hard Workin' Hottie for a chance to win FREE 99X concert tickets for ONE SOLID YEAR!!

We'll get the voting started in a couple of weeks, so that means you still have plenty of time to submit your pictures.