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As part of a massive pandemic relief package passed by Congress in 2020 was a pot of $7.5 billion set aside to help struggling performance art venues around the country called the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program. It's not surprising to see a ton of venues around the state of Louisiana getting funding through this program as we're one of the hot spots in the country for live performances, concerts, plays, etc.. In fact, of that 7.5 billion, Louisiana received $107,342,146.

However, one entry on the list that raised a lot of eyebrows around the state was the Penthouse Club in Baton Rouge. According to the Small Business Administration Guidelines, to receive aid for a venue to qualify they "must not present live performances of a prurient sexual nature". However, according to Business Report, the Penthouse Club managed to get roughly $1.1 million in Federal COVID relief money.

According to the Business Report article, not only did the Penthouse Club get a money from the government that it seemingly did not qualify for, but it actually got significantly more money than some other venues in the area. The Baton Rouge area received a total of $8.1 million, which means that the Gentleman's Club got nearly 14% of the area's total funding.

The $1.1 million dollars given to the Penthouse Club was more money than the Manship Theater, Louisiana Symphony Association, Theater Baton Rouge and LASM received combined together.

At this time, nobody from the Penthouse Club or the Small Business Administration has responded to the report.

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