So have you ever used a dating website like eHarmony or If so, you know the rules: pay a fee to be a part of the site and you can date anyone on the site depending on their rules. Then, there's, which boasts "Generous Men Bid on You To Take You Out" and "Bid on First Dates with Beautiful Women."

Some people refer to this site as Priceline for Dating, except some local and state law enforcement agencies don't agree.

You may have heard of, and, all of which the law has no issue with. However, this new venture could be illegal.

So, what is One user explains:

"It just saves a lot of time, because—I'm sorry—but if you are going to pay someone $100 to go on a date, they are going to be a lot more serious than they would if they paid a $30 membership to date 100 different girls on"

As we said earlier, some law enforcement isn't too keen on this site, specifically, Brookfield and Oak Creek, Wisconsin, which have laws that ban people being paid for their time without a license.

"You are being paid for your time. You need a license in the City of Oak Creek for that, and we will arrest you if you don't," warns Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards.

Owner Brandon Wade was on Anderson Cooper's TV show recently talking about his newest site that many are trying to compare to an escort service.

"We make it very clear that you're not allowed to have sex on the first date," Wade said, likening his site to a "dating auction."

Edwards' response? "That's a completely different thing. That's a rationalization for what it is."

Regardless, the site has already garnered 750,000 members and singles often negotiate their rate for a first date.

"She could come back and say 'That's not enough. I would need $100,'" Wade explains. "You could then counter that with 'How about $90?'"

Watch Brandon Wade Talk 'WhatsYourPrice' with Anderson Cooper