According to a new study you don't have to cut carbs, sugar, or calories to lose weight.

You just have to cut out dinner.

Scientists at the University of Alabama & Birmingham found that when people in their study only ate between 8am and 2pm they burned way more fat than their control group eating the traditional three meals a day, even though they ate the same number of calories.

Fast food items like hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and pizza

They also discovered that the people who stopped eating at 2pm were feeling less hungry than the control group.

So why does this happen? The researchers believe your body will react to eating less often and produce less of the hormone that makes your hungry, Ghrelin.  They also think that your body will start pumping out more of the hormone peptide YY that makes you feel full.

The researchers say they're optimistic about the success people can have with the plan because they're not feeling as hungry and less likely to deviate from their diet.

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