So I am an avid reader of The Drudge Report. mostly because of some of the most insane articles he posts. Here is one that made my jaw drop.

First off, this picture us really a dude (meet Oneal Ron Morris) , not a chick with a big ass...but wait, there's more....







(pic from CBS Miami)

That,, surgically altered shimself. No joke. Wanna know the best part, Ms. Woman with a Mr. Winkie is not a doctor and has done hotel room surgeries to other people.

But Wait....there's more...

Notice, Mr...I mean, Ms. Morris has some junk in the trunk....WEEELLLL, that really is junk. No seriously, junk. And it seems that is what got this shim in trouble was the other shapely curves that he/she sports, as they helped strip club dancers get bigger booties.

Now, I emphasized that is really was "junk" in the trunk. Ready for what this and other cabooses were carrying? My Morris was injecting himself and many other clients with a concoction of "of cement, 'fix-a-flat,' mineral oil, and 'super glue'", which is exactly what got this shim busted by the cops, as one woman got very sick and had another doctor check her out, when they found out the secret sauce in her rear end.