On November the 6th of this year, the good people of Alabama will go to the polls and vote for their governor.  Republican Kay Ivey is the incumbent, although she has only held office since former Governor Robert Bentley resigned and she took the oath on April 10 of last year.  The race promises to be a wild one, and has already brought out some interesting early campaign promises and ideas.  

Democratic contender to the title of governor and former state representative James Fields has brought one of these radical ideas to the table, and I like it.  His plan would enact a state lottery, and use a portion of the proceeds for the betterment of its citizens.  Unlike Louisiana, which pays a portion of profits to the state, or Texas which pays a portion of profits to educational programs, Mr Fields' plan would go directly to some Alabama residents (kinda).  His plan is to use the lottery proceeds to purchase movie theater tickets for Alabama families in order to promote "family togetherness."  The former United Methodist preacher would seriously pay for parents of Pre-K students to take their kid(s) to the movies every single week.

Listen for yourself as he lays out his plan with AL.com here:

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