Third-ranked LSU tried their best to look like an immovable force on defense, but top ranked Alabama was the unstoppable force. As Death Valley shook last night, Alabama was able to outlast, then explode against LSU, for a final score of 29-0.

LSU stayed in the game against Nick Saban and the Tuscaloosa empire, for much of the night. Heading to halftime with a 16-0 score, knowing that LSU's All-American star linebacker Devin White was returning from a half game suspension to the start the second half, there was still life for the purple and gold.

But as good as that LSU defense is, the offense was equally as bad.

LSU's defense was the first unit to keep Alabama from scoring an touchdown on their opening drive this year, and the first defense to get an interception off Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa this year. Actually, LSU's defense was the first unit to make Tua look human this year. The Alabama quarterback hadn't had to take a snap in the 4th quarter of any game this year, before last night.

That Tiger defense kept LSU in the game as long as they could, but having short possession on offense, due to an up-tempo approach, and the inability to get first downs, kept the defense on the field too much.

Devin White coming back onto the field in the second half was a big boost for the Tigers, but unfortunately, Devin White doesn't play offense.

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow was 18/35 for only 184 yards, and one interception. The LSU rushing attack generated 12 yards, and no touchdowns. LSU kicked Cole Tracy, who has been lock down all year, missed his only field goal attempt of the night.

If LSU had any kind of offense in last night's game, I'm not going to say they would have won, but they would have absolutely been able to cover the 14.5 point spread.

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