A person can only lounge by the pool for so long before he or she starts to crave some slightly more adventurous summer fun. Enter water slides.

All around the world, theme parks (and in some cases, malls) have built some truly inspired – not to mention high-flying – water slides that add the perfect splash to summer.

Of course, not everybody can travel to Bulgaria or Canada. That's why we have YouTube.

Below, check out these six crazy water slides that are sure to give your old Slip-n-Slide a run for its money.

  • AquaDuck – Disney's Dream Cruise

    You came for the character breakfast, but you stayed for the crazy, clear water slide. Known as the AquaDuck, this see-through tunnel of fun is a fixture on board Disney's Dream Cruise.

  • Half-Pipe Water Slide – AquaPark Bulgaria

    Who says you have to catch air on a half-pipe to have a good time? This half-pipe-inspired water slide in Bulgaria looks like a ton of fun, even if you don't go over the edge.

  • Aqualand – Köln, Germany

    Loops, loops and more loops! That's what you get at Aqualand in Köln, Germany. Plus, this particular slide starts with the floor dropping out from underneath you. How cool is that?

  • Thunder Falls – Mackinaw City, Michigan

    Who needs an elevator when you have a water slide? Anyone who's been to Thunder Falls in Mackinaw City, Michigan knows that the best way to descend six storeys is on your back.

  • Sky Screamer Waterslides – Edmonton, Canada

    Apparently, they build malls a little differently in Canada. In addition to a world-class shopping experience, West Edmonton Mall of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada also has its own water slide. Though the slide in this video has been temporarily removed, newer slides are in the works.

  • Dolphin Plunge – SeaWorld Orlando

    SeaWorld Orlando's Dolphin Plunge may be lacking in the dolphin department, but it certainly has its fair share of plunge. You even get to travel through a small marine habitat at the end.

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