Dallas police announced the latest in the search for Joshua Brown's killers yesterday.  Investigators believe that 3 men from Louisiana were involved in the fatal shooting that took the life a key witness in the murder trial involving former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger.

Guyger was convicted of murdering Botham Jean in his own apartment.  Guyger claimed that she erroneously believed that she was in her apartment and that Jean was an intruder.  The former Dallas police officer was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and taken into custody Monday to begin her punishment.  Joshua Brown, Jean's neighbor, testified in the trial.  Many claim that his testimony was devastating to the defense, and may be directly responsible for the jury's decision to convict.

Brown was shot on multiple times Friday night at the Atera Apartments in Dallas, and later died from his wounds at Parkland Hospital.  Police have already arrested 2 Louisiana men and are seeking a third in connection with the killing.  32 year old Michael Mitchell, the suspected getaway driver in the shooting, was arrested at a motel in Marksville, Louisiana according to the report from NBC news.  20 year old Jacquerious Mitchell is also reportedly in custody at an unnamed hospital.  Officials are still looking for 22 year old Thaddeous Green (pictured above).

Authorities claim that the 3 men from Alexandria traveled to Dallas to buy drugs from Joshua Brown, and that the fatal shooting likely stemmed from a deal gone bad and is most likely not related to the Amber Guyger murder trial.

After a subsequent search of Brown's home, police reportedly discovered and confiscated 12 lbs of marijuana, 149 grams of THC cartridges and $4,157 in cash.

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