Septemeber 2nd to be exact. That's the question many of us now have to find an answer for.

As many of you can imagine, Hurricane Laura stormed through the Ark-La-Tex today and left quite the trail of destruction. Luckily for us in Shreveport-Bossier, the storm strayed off of its original projection, and the worst part managed to skid by to our east, instead of directly over us.

Thanks for that, Barksdale Bubble.

Still, the storm was powerful enough in our area to cause street closures galore and property damage. Luckily, fences can be put up, and new routes to work can be found. Now, many residents of Shreveport-Bossier are coming to grips with a new short-term way of life. That way of life is life with no electricity.

Tens of thousands of Shreveport-Bossier residents were left without power during the storm. I'm sure most of us expected to lose power at some point during the inclement weather. That's relatively normal anytime a storm even half the size of Hurricane Laura rolls through town.

However, I don't believe many of us expected the alert sent out by Swepco this evening.

Many of those without power received an alert giving them a projected restoral date and time. A small few (that I could find) were given a reasonable estimation, putting their power back on sometime tomorrow and/or this weekend. The majority, though, was not as promising.

Tonight on Facebook alone, I've seen residents from Southern Loop in Shreveport to North Bossier asking the same question... Is this for real?

The alert for these unlucky residents claims a projected restoral date and time of September 2nd at 10:00 PM. Now, it should go without saying that this could just be Swepco's way of under-promising and over-delivering. Sure, the power could come back on much earlier than that.

However, many residents now have to find a way to get by for nearly a week without power. Would you be prepared for nearly a week without power?

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