Barksdale Federal Credit Union took to their Facebook page to make sure that their customers know that they are NOT contacting their customers asking for their personal information. The announcement on Facebook read "Fraudulent Text Message Alert: If you have received a text message saying it’s from BFCU asking for you to call, or for you to provide your SSN, PIN, and Card number, it is fraudulent. Barksdale Federal does not send text messages asking for this information. *DO NOT* call the number or give out any personal information". As of now, the post has been shared over 500 times and we hope the number continues to climb in order to reach as many of their customers as possible.


Did you know that 46% of Americans have had their card information compromised over the past 5 years? One of the scariest feelings is realizing that your information is out there and that people have used your identity or credit card information. Make sure you triple check before you give out information. Have questions? Step into your bank and ask for the information in person!