Rick James once said, "Cocaine, it's a helluva drug." But that's just because he died before "bath salts" were the drug of choice. Now, that is some crazy stuff and will drive you insane if you take enough of it. Don't believe me? Lets just take a look at the life of Mark Thompson.

He allegedly got strung out on bath salts for three days, then decided it would be a good idea to dress up in women's underwear and kill his neighbor's goat.

His neighbor thought that Thompson took his goat, so he went over there to investigate. When he went into Thompson's house, they found him covered in blood and without pants. That's when he called the cops, as one does when you find a bloody, pantless man in his own home. The cops eventually found Thompson wandering around in the woods near his home.

Who would of ever thought that fake drugs would be worse for you than the real thing?

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