With consecutive days in the 100+ range it might be time to think of easy ways to cool off. And did I mention, the worst has yet to come?

Running the AC at 68 during the day doesn't help much. Your house will still be about 76 and your electric bill with be through the roof!

So whether it is to be "green" or just save some cash, a website called PlanetGreen.com offers 5 ways to cool off during this brutal heat. 

  1. Spray Bottle in the Fridge - A water fountain is not always handy, but your fridge is.  Keep a spay bottle filled with water in it at all times, and you can spay yourself to cool down.  Also works for an impromptu slow motion wet t-shirt contest.
  2. Apply Ice to Pulse Points - Place ice in a wet wash cloth and apply to your wrist or neck by your carotid artery. This could reduce your body temp by 3 degrees! l
  3. Wet Rag to the Back of Your Neck - Enough said.  It always works. If you are REALLY burning up, place the wet rag or wash cloth in the freezer for a few minutes. Not to long, though or it might freeze
  4. Soak Your Feet in Cold Water - Not everyone has a pool they can dangle their feet in, but you can get the same effect in your living room by placing your feet in a bucket of cold water.
  5. Wear A Wet Bandana - Only do this as a last resort, or only if you want to have your own reality TV show on VH1.