If you've watched a UFC event, chances are, you're familiar with Arianny Celeste. One of the UFC's most popular ring-girls, as well as a Playboy model, Bud Lite Spokes-model, host of Ultimate Insider, and all-around hot babe - her assets have been paraded across TV stations, magazines, and Fap-Master fantasies for the past couple of years. That being said, it's only logical that she would have her own calender. Shooting for the 2013 edition has just wrapped up, and since I know you don't want to wait until January for the visual delights that await, I've tracked down a 'behind-the-scenes' video from the photo shoot. You're welcome.


I know, I know. That just isn't enough. So how about a "behind-the-scenes' for the 2012 calendar shoot?

As long as we're here, take 60 seconds to take a look at Arianny's super-hot Bud Lite Lime commercial:

How about her Maxim Hometown Hotties shoot?

The Maxim cover shoot?

Hometown Hotties Revisited?

Still not enough? How about her Playboy cover shoot?

I'm not really sure what this is for...but it's video...and she's retarded hot, so why not???


And since you're probably suffering from a major hand cramp right now, we'll wrap things up with some random photos. Take five, rinse, and repeat.

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