Tacomania was one of the first places I ever went to when I moved to Shreveport-Bossier.

Tacomania is in the business of making some of my favorite authentic Mexican food. The chips and salsa are enough to keep you going back. If you're adventurous and love spicy they have a cool setup where you can walk up and pick out a unique spicy salsa from a salsa bar. If you are a lover of good queso, the queso there is phenomenal with slivers of roasted jalapeños and fresh diced tomatoes on top of it.

Tacomania Has Been a Shreveport Favorite for Many Years.

Unfortunately, the owners are ready to call it quits. Before they do sail off into the distance, they want to keep the recipes alive and in our community. At first, we thought that they were interested in giving up the recipes to their loyal customers. However, we found out that there was a misunderstanding in the Facebook post. The owners of Tacomania want to give the recipes to people who want to carry on the tradition of delicious food through a restaurant.

Tacomania's building has been for sale since October of 2020. According to the listing on Loopnet.com, you can own the land of deliciousness for only $750,000. The 5,248 square foot restaurant sits on a large enough lot to where you'll get a massive parking lot to go with it. If you're interested in scooping up Tacomania, just click here for all the information.

Via Google Maps, Krystal Montez, Getty Images
Via Google Maps, Krystal Montez, Getty Images

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