The Benton Police Department and the Bossier Sheriff’s Office have issued a press release warning residents to be on the lookout for a new scam targeting Swepco customers.  They have received multiple reports of con artists attempting to run a devious scam on residents and businesses in our area.  These criminals are approaching Swepco customers and trying to convince them that they are employees with the utility company.  They then tell the customer that if they don't pony up money right there, they will shut the power off.

Be warned, these grifters are suspected to be well prepared, with phony work gear and paperwork.  They have been reported to ask for the customers most recent bill to glean information for the scam, but don't fall for it.  Additionally, these hoodlums will advise the customers to purchase a green dot prepaid credit card to make the payment.  Swepco doesn't act like that.  The authorities have contacted AEP Swepco to try and help identify these power posers, and the electric company had this to say:

SWEPCO employees will never demand immediate payment, insist a payment be made with a prepaid credit card or ask a customer to meet us in a parking lot to make a payment,” said Brett Mattison, SWEPCO’s director of customer services and marketing. “We want our customers to protect themselves from this fraudulent activity.”

What do you do if you suspect you are being targeted in this or any scam involving Swepco?  Check out the helpful hints from the pros below.

Scammers Posing With SWEPCO (1)


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