Well, it's that time of year again. In just a few weeks, ghosts, princesses, Ninja Turtles, and Donald Trumps will descend into many neighborhoods around town trying to find the best candy.

Instead of winging it on Halloween night, why not take your old buddy Jay's advice and hit up these top spots!

Here's my list of the best neighborhoods in town to go trick or treating, in no particular order!



  • 1


    Newcastle is a cherished neighborhood in Southwest Shreveport. I actually lived there for a few years, so I know firsthand that this subdivision is ideal for trick or treating.

  • 2

    Golden Meadows

    Golden Meadows is a well designed, safe, and very large subdivision in south Bossier. If you're looking to fill up bags with delicious candy on Halloween night, you can't go wrong with this neighborhood.

  • 3

    Forest Hills

    When it comes to trick-or-treating in Haughton, Forrest Hills is an excellent choice. This subdivision is huge and very safe. You can expect many houses to be decorated and participating.

  • 4

    Highland Subdivision

    Highland is arguably Shreveport's most varied and progressive community. Trick-or-treating here will be a fun, trendy, and unique experience.

  • 5

    Southern Trace

    With Southern Trace, you know you're trick-or-treating experience will be beautiful and safe. This community is huge, and full of gigantic houses and by my logic, the bigger the houses, the more candy they can store inside them.