Originally created as part of the Justice Society of America, Power Girl was an alternate dimension counterpart of Superman's cousin, Supergirl --- but despite her similar appearance and powers, she remains a distinct character, more mature and measured than her adolescent counterpart. Her physical strength isn't the only thing that puts the “power” in Power Girl. She also strives to define herself as a hero on her own terms, and not as an extension of Superman.

Perhaps it is these qualities that inspire cosplayers to embrace the strong and independent nature of Power Girl. This week we bring you a gallery that puts the spotlight on these cosplayers of the Earth-Two Kryptonian.

In the easily recognizable white uniform, red cape, and blue gloves and boots, each cosplayer embodies the powerful stature and cool confidence of Kara Zor-L. Power Girl may have gone through a number of retcons throughout her publication history, but these cosplayers capture her at her best and brightest. These are the best Power Girl cosplays.


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