The Goldberg Phenomenon is an interesting thing. When he was announced as last year's downloadable exclusive for WWE 2K17, a lot of people were excited. When it was announced Goldberg was returning to WWE TV, people were excited. And then from there, the life and legacy of Bill Goldberg took on a life of its own.

I don't think anyone from Vince McMahon to Goldberg realized his return would be a license to print money. He might be the most over semi-retired professional wrestler on the planet (not including Kurt Angle who hasn't officially made his return to WWE programming yet). And last night, the Goldberg Phenomenon hit its crescendo when he beat Kevin Owens for the Universal Title.

Now, for some reason, despite getting a HUGE response for months on end now, fans are angry and upset that Goldberg won the title. Which I just think is ludicrous. Yes, of course, Kevin Owens is the better wrestler and performer. Yes, Bill is a 50 year old guy that has spent less than 10 minutes in matches over the past decade. But, it is WrestleMania season and this is the time where you put your biggest stars front and center.

Say what you want about part timers like Goldberg and Lesnar and the Rock...but guess what? They put butts in seats, they are right behind Cena in merch sales, they get big attention from Main Stream media...guys like that are good for business. Not to mention, no matter who leaves Mania with the Universal Title, that guy will make a man's legacy.

Because whoever steps up to the plate to challenge for the title (Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe) and beats Goldberg or Lesnar, will instantly sky rocket into stardom. Just like when Hogan returned for WrestleMania 18. Hogan won the title then immediately lost to guys who were still relatively early on in their careers like Lesnar, Angle and Triple H and pushed their careers to a WHOLE other level. Stars make stars and sometimes to get a guy over in a big way, you have to strap up an old war horse.

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