We used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Now we're the home of the over-worked and land of the microscope.

With all this focus on the debt ceiling, not much talk has been made on a bill that is working it's way through congress. This bill, H.R. 1981, would require your internet service provider to track ALL of YOUR online activity for one year and hand it over to the government. If you ask me, this bill should be called H.R. 1984Sure the bill is labeled as "Protecting Children From Internet Pornographer Act of 2011, but couldn't it be used for much more than just that? I mean think of all the things you do on the internet these days; online banking, bill pay, shopping, and mundane stuff like that could be misinterpereted or used for say keeping track of all you money. I'm just saying, the government is a bit strapped these days. And you're worried about your wife checking your email.

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