The Black Crowes' Chris and Rich Robinson bludgeoned a stage invader with their respective microphone stand and guitar during their Sunday concert at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne.

You can watch footage of the melee below.

The interruption took place during "Stare it Cold," the final track of the Black Crowes' debut album Shake Your Money Maker, which the band is playing in its entirety as part of an ongoing 30th-anniversary tour. Less than 30 seconds into the song, two security guards run out from side-stage to apprehend the unwelcome fan. Then the Robinson brothers take matters into their own hands.

Chris first jabs the fan with the legs of his microphone stand as security ushers him offstage. When the fan turns around to fight the guard and tries to get back onstage, Rich buries his guitar in the instigator's chest, halting the song. The fan jumps back into the crowd as multiple band and crew members make a beeline toward him, and Chris accosts him off-microphone as the audience boos him.

"Hey, you throw that motherfucker out, right? You get the fuck out of here!" a band member (presumably Rich) yells offscreen. The group then restarts "Stare it Cold" and finishes the song without a hitch.

The Black Crowes launched their Shake Your Money Maker anniversary tour in the summer of 2021. The jaunt also marks the reunion of the formerly estranged Robinson brothers, who led the band to stardom in the '90s. In May, the Black Crowes released 1972, a six-song covers EP of tunes originally released 50 years ago.

"No matter what Rich and I have been through, even at the times where we couldn't fucking stand each other and we didn't want to be onstage — the funny thing is, when it was time to make a record or when we're working on songs, I don't really remember Rich and I arguing too much or getting bent out of shape," Chris told UCR in June. "Of course, like anything else, we probably had our moments in the studio, but overall, you know, that's the inception of this whole idea: Let's be in a band."

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