Don't count 'em out just yet! The members of Black Sabbath have been playing verbal ping pong, pointing fingers at who would like to do another studio album and who has ruled it out. While the true answer may only be revealed in time, lord of the low end Geezer Butler has clarified his statements where he allegedly put the kibosh on the idea of a follow-up to the massively successful 13 album.

"I was just being logical," Geezer mused to Rolling Stone. "At the time, we were given six months to write and record an album and I said, 'There's absolutely no way we can do it in six months.'" Further explaining why he shot down the recording session, the bass legend added, "Then they came up with, 'Well, you can do a blues album,' you know, just eight 12-bar blues songs and that's it. It's like, 'No. This is Black Sabbath. It's not the Earth blues band anymore.' It was ridiculous." Of course, Geezer is referring to the time between 1968 and 1969 where a proto-Black Sabbath were known as Earth, shortly after changing their original name, Polka Tulk.

The response from Geezer comes after allegations from bandmate Tony Iommi, who said, “I’ve got so many riffs. I wrote a whole load of stuff for another album and we met up in L.A. but the others… well, Geezer didn’t particularly want to do another album.” On his own accord, Ozzy Osbourne has remained largely adamant that Sabbath's final studio effort was indeed 13, stating, "People aren’t really interested in hearing new stuff." Osbourne also intends to record a solo album following Black Sabbath farewell tour.

There has also been a back and forth for the last five years regarding original drummer Bill Ward. The icon has been absent from all Sabbath activities since the quartet announced their return. Ward claims he was offered a contract that was unfair and other members have noted his debilitating health and inability to perform at an adequate level for an entire tour. Most recently, Geezer and Ward have exchanged comments concerning the stickman's involvement in Sabbath's farewell tour as well as their final performance ever.

Geezer said Ward wanted to do the whole farewell tour or nothing, ruling out the possibility of him rejoining his former bandmates at the last show. Ward fired back stating, "I never received an offer to play the final show of The End tour with Black Sabbath. When the tour was confirmed, my management reached out to the Black Sabbath management to inquire as to whether or not they would like to discuss my participation in the tour. We were told there was no interest. That is last conversation we had with them regarding the tour."

Black Sabbath's farewell tour is currently underway. For a list of North American tour dates, visit our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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