With the news of childhood staple Toys R Us closing up shop - I've been at a bit of a loss.  Imagine my shock when I learned that another familiar store I grew up with was going to be closing a full seventh of their stores in the US.  When I heard that this store was Blockbuster, I was shocked once again - that Blockbusters existed at all in 2018.

The most shocking aspect of the story yet has got to be this:  The Blockbuster that's closing is the North Pole location.  North Pole, Alaska that is.  The town that keeps its Christmas lights up year-round will now have to find somewhere else to rent Jingle All The Way.

According to Sky News, the Blockbuster phenomenon is still very strong in some of the  communities in Alaska due to lack of the quality, high-speed internet necessary for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.  In total, there are now only 6 Blockbuster stores still in operation - 4 in Alaska and 2 in Oregon.

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