State lawmakers will talk about moving forward with the death penalty in Louisiana, but they are working to pass a measure to conceal the identities of companies that make the drug cocktail used in executions.

Handout, Getty Images
Handout, Getty Images

Hammond Representative Nicky Muscarello has proposed a measure to hide the identities of companies that sell lethal injection drugs or equipment to the state. Louisiana has not performed an execution since 2010, and Muscarello says a big reason why is drug companies fear retaliation from anti-death penalty consumers.

The legislation is similar tolaws in Arkansas and Texas.

The Tangipahoa Parish Republican says he was moved to propose this measure after hearing testimony from families of victims who’s attackers arelingering on death row. This includes the victims of Shreveport serial killer Nathanie Code who has been on death row for more than 25 years.

Muscarello says those families were promised an execution, and this would help increase the odds of that happening. Muscarello says the death penalty is law, and it’s the legislature’s responsibility to make the enforcement of law as feasible as possible.

Governor Edwards says he would sign the legislation if it were to reach his desk.

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