The latest census in the state of Louisiana is showing some big growth in Bossier City, while Shreveport has had a small decline in numbers.

Are people moving from Shreveport into Bossier? It would seem so. Since the 2010 census, Bossier City has seen an over 11% increase in population, while Shreveport is down a little over 1%. This now puts Bossier City as the 6th largest incorporated city in the State of Louisiana.

The top 7 cities in the state and their change in population since 2010 are below:

New Orleans (389,617, +13.3%)

Baton Rouge (228,590, -0.4%)

Shreveport (197,204, -1.1%)

Lafayette (127,657, +5.8%)

Lake Charles (76,070, +5.7%)

Bossier City (68,094, +11.1%)

Kenner (67,091, +0.6%)

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