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With so much confusion in Louisiana these days regarding the cans and cannots during the Governor's mandated Phase 3 recovery efforts, there have been a multitude of citizens wondering about the annual observation of National Night Out in Bossier Parish. In a word from Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington, the answer is ON. He's announced that the 2020 National Night Out block parties in Bossier Parish are a go!

In most of the country, National Night Out is celebrated much earlier in the year, but we always wait until the weather begins to cool off a little before we enjoy the night. However, this year, due to COVID-19, the organizers of National Night Out asked that all areas plan to enjoy the evening together on October 6, 2020 and that's exactly what's planned for Bossier Parish.

According to Sheriff Whittington, the National Night Out celebration is scheduled in Bossier Parish on Oct. 6, from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm. “We understand these are some unique times that we are living in right now,” Sheriff Whittington said. “National Night Out is an excellent opportunity for our deputies, staff members, and Posse to meet the residents we get to serve in our great parish, even if it’s a modified block party as residents are concerned with COVID-19 protocols.”

If you or your neighborhood plan on hosting a block party in the parish of Bossier and would like for members of the Sheriff’s Office to attend, please contact Dep. Rod White at 935-2025.
(***Note: While NNO is on for Bossier Parish, please check with your local agency in other areas to see if they are holding their NNO events)

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