This...this has been a LONG time coming. After what some would call years of neglect and oversight from the WWE, Bray Wyatt has claimed his first solo title and it just so happens to be the WWE Championship.

The Baton Rouge Cult Leader outlasted the likes of John Cena and AJ Styles in Elimination Chamber, one of the most brutal gimmick matches WWE has to offer. The Eater of Worlds will, unless something changes, 'Main Event' Wrestlemania. He will be challenged by fellow Wyatt Family member and Royal Rumble Winner, Randy Orton.

The great thing about Wyatt's performance last night is that not only did he win, but he looked dominate and pinned the two biggest names in the company at the moment: Styles and Cena.

Could this be setting up a long term run? Will we finally see Bray's hard work and dedication to a character that was largely being ignored pay off?  Only time will tell, but no matter what, Bray has the whole world in his hands.

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