Buckcherry are back with the sort of blistering high-energy honesty that we've come to expect from the band.

The group is debuting their new song, 'Gluttony,' a full-on rocker, that serves as our first introduction to their forthcoming 'Confessions' album.

The track is true to the title, with singer Josh Todd riffing on his need for immediate gratification, singing in the chorus:

"I want it / I want it / I want it / I want it / I need it / I need it / I need it / I need it / I love it / I love it / I love it / I love it / Gluttony on me has started."

In the song, the vocalist also shows a bit of disdain at his own desires, adding, "I want to die and kill my dirty mind."

Musically, the song is an adrenaline-fueled rocker, with the guitars on full attack and a drum breakdown midway through that's bolstered with backing 'oohs' that will in the future be an almost certain crowd sing-along at shows.

'Gluttony' is featured on Buckcherry's ambitious forthcoming release, 'Confessions,' which is due Feb. 19 and is expected to include a filmed companion piece.

The band will hit the road with Kid Rock in February in support of the 'Confessions' disc.

Listen to Buckcherry's 'Gluttony'

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