Any schmuck with enough cash can waltz into a Porsche dealer and walk out with a car that will make any feisty gold-digger swoon.  But what's the schmuck  going to do when you roll up next to him at a light in a Tumbler - ala The Dark Knight?  Crap his little gold lined panties, that's what!!!

It's one thing to have a car that costs a ridiculous amount of money.  Even better to have a car you can't buy anywhere!  Like Batman's Tumbler.  But thanks to the clever minds at Chicks Love the Cars, with enough time, the right tools, and of course, enough disposable cash, you can build your own Tumbler.  Or if you're somewhat light in the loafers, the George Clooney Batmobile.  As a matter of fact, their website has specifications and schematics for all the various Batmobiles.  Mask and Anne Hathaway not included.