From the picture that's circulating the internet, this calf would like to "Lick It Up".  We've also heard that it's quite the "Strutter".  Oh, the pun we can have with the calf that was born to a rancher in Kerrville, Texas.

That's because this little critter bears a striking resemblance to "The Demon", Gene Simmons of KISS.  The family that owns the calf has named it Genie in honor of the legendary rocker.

On Saturday, The Hill Country Visitor posted a photo on its Facebook page of the calf which sports butterfly-shaped markings on its face which make it look amazingly like Gene Simmons in full KISS regalia.  The doppelganger effect is heightened by the fact that the varmint's tongue is sticking out.

The photo quickly went viral and Simmons himself couldn't deny the striking similarity. On Sunday night he tweeted, "This is real, folks!!! Calf called Genie is born on Texas ranch and looks EXACTLY like Kiss rocker Gene Simmons."

The owner of the ranch where Genie was born is a worker at a local steak house. He says that instead of becoming food for someone's table, the calf will become the restaurant's mascot.

No doubt the owners will have to beef up security now that Genie's famous.




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