Those who know me and my writing style know that I love alliteration.  I also love puns and other plays on words.  And this weekend I discovered I love king cake.

Our daughter, Alyssa, was in town this weekend with her husband, Mike, and our granddaughter, Adelyn.  The purpose of Alyssa's visit was to help my wife and I look for a house as we prepare to relocate from Derby, Kansas, to Shreveport.  As we crisscrossed the area around Shreve Island and Broadmoor we saw all the preparations for the Krewe of Gemini parade on Saturday, and the Krewe of Highland parade on Sunday.  And Alyssa said that the one thing she just had to do while she was in town was to buy a king cake.

It's not that you can't get king cakes in other parts of the country around Mardi Gras, it's just that most are inauthentic.  They're mostly just grocery stores' attempts at mimicking how king cakes are made.  So, Alyssa wanted the real thing--an honest-to-goodness, bona fide king cake.

So we asked around and most people said either Tubb's Hardware or Lilah's bakery. Since Lilah's was close to the area where we were house-hunting, we went there and picked out the Bavarian Cream king cake.  We stopped for a late lunch, then went home to have a slice of king cake for dessert.  Or should I say a slab of king cake.  Put it this way, between four adults and a 20-month old baby, that cake lasted about an hour.

We found a house yesterday and to celebrate we bought another Bavarian Cream king cake from Lilah's.  Alyssa took most of it home with her to Tyler, but she did leave me a nice-sized piece to enjoy this week.  As I write this blog at the end of my workday, I'm filled with anticipation of another bite of that consummately creamy confection--king cake.

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