Madden NFL 18 Review
Over the past few years, EA Sports has been refining the Madden franchise on its proprietary Ignite Engine into a product that would please both competitive players and simulation fans. That often left potential newcomers behind, as Madden grew more complex and required more and more patience to mas…
I Stayed At A Hostel And Didn't Die
When people say the word "hostel," images of dirty cult-like hippies or a secret murder palace are immediately conjured. In all truthfulness, that is hardly ever the case in real life hostels (hopefully NEVER in the case of the latter). I recently stayed in a hostel in Fort Collins, Colora…
Mystery Class: Should You Be Reading ‘Morning Glories’?
Morning Glories is a science fiction teenage drama comic from writer Nick Spencer and artist Joe Eisma, published by Image. Starting in 2010, this series has fifty issues to its name, with another twenty or so to come. Morning Glories deals with teenagers attending a prep school who have to deal wit…
Madden NFL 17 Review
Now in the third year of the newest console generation, Madden NFL 17 finds itself served well by the combined efforts of the past as well as a number of great small improvements.

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