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Remembering The Original Shreveport Comic Conventions
Its no secret, I'm a geek. Like, a BIG time geek. Comic books, video games, pro wrestling, Pokemon, sports cards, nerf guns, Star Wars...on and on...and that's actually just the stuff on the walls in my office.
A couple of years ago, I came to Shreveport for the first time and was asked if …
Injustice 2 Meets its Squad Goals With Harley Quinn and Deadshot
This week at Gamescom, NetherRealm Studios unleashed its latest two roster additions to Injustice 2 upon the world. Fresh off their starring turns in Suicide Squad, both Harley Quinn and Deadshot will be front and center when the DC fighting game sequel hits shelves next year. Harley Quinn's re…
Animania Day 2: They've Come For The Games
We've wrapped up Animania from 2nd & Charles in Bossier City, and it was quiet at weekend.
Day 2 was full of card tournaments, more cosplay, new art vendors, comic book purchases, and of course the huge Super Smash Brothers video game tournament.
Mafia III Looks Like It’s Going To Be Bad Ass! [VIDEO]
Over the past few decades, there have been some fantastic franchises in video games. But one I feel gets over looked far too often is the Mafia series. Since the original game came out in 2002, the series has consisted of some of the best story telling in video game history...
Grand Theft Auto Just Got Real! [VIDEO]
One of my favorite video games series of ALL time hands down is Grand Theft Auto. I've owned every version of the game from PS1 to PS4. And, today I saw that some fine folks on the Interweb have brought GTA to life. Check out the amazing video below!
Somebody Just Brought Grand Theft Auto 2 To Life! [VIDEO]
Look, there are tons of people that make videos on YouTube. Some of them are good...some of them not so much. BUT, every once in a while you stubble upon something that can only be described a pure genius. If you remember the original Grand Theft Auto games that used the overhead camera and cheesy g…

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