I'm not sure exactly why this titanic toilet paper roll is being targeted towards millennials, but that's exactly what Charmin.com is doing.  I get that Proctor & Gamble's consumer research says that customers on extreme ranges of the age spectrum still need potty paper and have less storage space (on average) than folks in the middle - I'm just not sure that Godzilla TP is necessarily the answer.  I know lots of folks that fit into the "millennial" and "senior citizen" brackets, but I have never once heard either complaining about the lack of space for toilet paper.

Regardless of my grasp on the need for enough toilet paper for a full run of the Dallas Morning Paper, Charmin has released the "Forever Roll" on the masses.  The massive roll comes in 2 sizes - The "Single User" (8.7 inches in diameter), and the "Multi User" (12 inches in diameter).  Just for comparison, the average roll is a mere 5 inches in diameter.  Charmin claims that users of the bountiful butt-paper will be able to got up to one month before changing rolls!  The average person in the U.S. uses between 1 and 2 regular rolls per week.

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