One of my favorite things to do around town is to walk the Louisiana Boardwalk. Charming Charlie has always been one of my favorite stores to stop by and waste time and money. Yes, according to my boyfriend I spend way too much money there. It made my heart so sad to see that Charming Charlie has already started the "big sale" before they close for good.

Charming Charlie announced they'd be closing their 261 stores after they filed for bankruptcy on Thursday, July 11, 2019. You probably remember hearing the news that Charming Charlie closed about 100 stores during its previous bankruptcy that came to an end in April. The jewelry retailer had hoped to use the previous bankruptcy to cut costs, unfortunately, it wasn't enough to keep Charming Charlie up and running.

What business would you like to see at this prime Louisiana Boardwalk location? If it's a local business feel free to tag them below.

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