If you're wearing a Molex watch right now, wearing Reebuck shoes, and can't wait to get home to watch TV on your brand new high definition Sorny . . . then you're part of this problem.

According to Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection, hundreds of millions of dollars of counterfeit goods are sold in this country every year . . . some of which fund criminal activities and organized crime.

Here's their list of the top 10 product categories that are counterfeited the most in the U.S.

#1.) Footwear

#2.) Consumer electronics

#3.) Handbags, wallets, and backpacks

#4.) Apparel

#5.) Watches

#6.) Computers and hardware

#7.) Media like DVDs and CDs

#8.) Pharmaceuticals

#9.) Jewelry

#10.) Toys and video games

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