In the past few months we lost two of the most popular singers of the modern Rock era, both to suicide.

No one knows the psychological pain Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were going through, what dark thoughts consumed them.  We do know they both left behind grieving family, friends, and fans.  Both had young children, which makes their deaths so unfathomable.  How could two wildly successful men in their prime take their own lives when they had so much to live for?

We'll never fully know the answer to the question of "Why?".  We do know that Chris and Chester leave a legacy of some of the biggest songs in the annals of Rock history. You will probably still be hearing "Black Hole Sun" and "In The End" on Classic Rock stations well into the latter half of this millennium.

But now we grieve.  And no one more than Chris and Chester's children.  In a stunning appearance on ABC's Good Morning America today, Toni Cornell joined the band OneRepublic in performing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" as a tribute to her father and Chester Bennington.  The pain in palpable, but so is the catharsis that the haunting lyrics evoke.  It's a fitting tribute to two talented men who were done too soon.


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