If you are planning on picking up a living Christmas tree from a farm this year, get ready for the sticker-shock.  CNN is reporting that despite the surge in consumer demand for trees, this year we are seeing a steep decline in the number of trees available.

The issue has been a decade in the making, and is reportedly an effect of the economic recession felt in this country 10-15 years ago.  Due to a down turn in business, Christmas tree farmers planted fewer trees in the time spanning from 2007-2012.  Since the average time it takes to grow one of these festive evergreens is 10 years, we are only now seeing the results of that limited seeding.

The good news is that this was completely expected.  The National Christmas Tree Association says that there are more than enough trees to go around, even though the top 2 producing states (North Carolina and Oregon) are reporting a much smaller crop this year.

Because of the increasing demand and smaller supply, prices started creeping up to a record number last year.  That's when the nationwide average was $78, this year that number is expected to be higher.

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