I've always had a fascination and love for heel commentators in the wrestling business. From Bobby Heenan to Jerry Lawler to Steve Corino, there is just something special about a guy who can call a wrestling match while insulting everyone around them. Hell, I stole my entire gimmick from those guys.

And right now, THE BEST heel commentator in the business is WWE's Corey Graves. The former NXT star turned announcer has been savaging Byron Saxton and others since his move to the main roster last year.

But, Tuesday night on 205 Live, Corey Graves painted his heel masterpiece. While calling a match, he completely buried his broadcast partner Tom Phillips by mentioning Phillips' sex scandal. If you remember, Tommy boy got busted sending some pretty graphic DMs to a young lady on Instagram. You can read that full tale here.

If you didn't watch 205 Live live, chances are they probably edited the line out of the network replay. But, luckily for us, we have the internet. Watch Corey Graves verbally murder Tom Phillips below.

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