Smackdown Live General Manager and fan favorite Daniel Bryan has never been shy about making his thoughts and feelings known. After being forced to retire from the ring due to numerous concussions, Bryan over the past few months has resumed in ring training and has been teasing wrestling again.

This week, DB sat down with 'Busted Open Radio' to discuss his in ring future, his recent medical assessment, and whether or not he thinks he'll ever return to a WWE ring.

Bryan says he's taken a ton recent medical tests and that "all the tests that I’m taking are all saying that not only am I good, but better than your average person who’s never had any concussions.”

When asked about a possible return to the ring, Bryan said: "I think there is an 85% chance that I will wrestle again and a 20% chance that WWE will clear me to wrestle.”

Bryan went on to say that now the WWE is a publicly traded company and that his return is more of a political issue than it is a question of his health.

If Bryan were to make an in-ring return, Wrestlemania in New Orleans seems like as likely as anywhere. Bryan beat Triple H and Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship last time 'Mania was in New Orleans. That 'Wrestlemania Moment' cemented his legacy as one of the most loved and talented performers to ever wrestle for WWE.

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