Ladies, that hunter, fluorescent orange doesn't always do it for us, does it? What if you could sport a pretty pink color when heading out into the woods? Well, that could be a possibility!

According to Louisiana Radio NetworkBogalusa Representative Malinda White says the House Natural Resources Committee will hear a proposed bill today that would allow women hunters to wear "blaze pink" instead of hunter orange and still follow safety requirements.

“The hunters’ orange is a fluorescent orange; this too will be a fluorescent pink. So it just gives you an option. I think it just raises awareness that women, too, are hunters,” White said.

She hopes that if this bill passes, (as did similar bills in other states), it will encourage women and young girls to explore more outdoor activities.

“It’s not just a Sportsman’s Paradise, but rather also a Sportswoman’s Paradise in Louisiana,” White said.

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