The sexual assault/misconduct allegations landslide coming down on actor Kevin Spacey continues, and now show runners for one of his most famous and successful projects say they are done with the actor, and now are trying to figure out how to salvage season 9 of "House of Cards."

The long-running Netflix series focuses on the political career of Frank Underwood.  The 3rd-wall breaking dramatic series drama has been one of the most dominating pieces of original programming the streaming giant has offered subscribers, featuring some of the craziest twists and turns the political world has to offer - sometimes mirroring reports and scandals from the real world.  Now that the lead character has been tainted by the allegations of sexual misconduct (and responses to those allegations) leveled at the actor who fills the role, show runners are left with few options.  Killing the character off, or ending the show prematurely are among the very few avenues executives are considering - but a petition on has offered another, completely out-of-the-box idea that would allow Frank Underwood to love on.

Nearly 28,000 people have put their signature behind replacing Kevin Spacey with Kevin James!  That's right - "King of Queens," and "Kevin Can Wait" star Kevin James could step in and save the whole show!   Check it out for yourself and lend your support to this amazing effort.  Together we can replace the groans of disappointment over this sexual abuse nightmare with howls of laughter when the president gets stuck in the secret White House bathroom.

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